NEPIRC is pleased to highlight Koehler Bright Star! Located in Hanover Twp., Koehler-Bright Star is a global leader in innovative safety products that brighten the darkness.

Bright Star was founded in 1909 as a battery manufacturer. In the 1930s, Bright Star developed and produced the first plastic safety certified flashlight for use in hazardous locations. Over the past century, the technology has changed significantly but the extreme conditions in which its products operate have not.

Founded in 1912, Koehler manufactured the first naptha-burning safety light ever approved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines for explosive coal mining atmospheres. In 1918, Koehler developed the first electric, rechargeable cap lamp. Koehler went on the develop the world’s first Lithium Ion powered cap lamp that continued to provide the most reliable light in the marketplace.

Koehler-Bright Star’s commitment to safety is as steadfast now as it was when Koehler and Bright Star both began. This continuing commitment is why the company has remained strong for 110 years, and why it remains a leader in portable lighting and power solutions.