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Extreme Smoke Cutting Beam Strength With Industry Leading 52,500 Candela

Pierces through smoke, dust and darkness to a distance of 458 meters!

Proudly designed, engineered and made in Pennsylvania, USA with domestic and globally sourced products.

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 10% Brighter beam than previous
industry-leading Right-Angle light
Slim profile design keeps light close to
your body to prevent entanglement.
High/Low beams available for up to 14
hours runtime
Strobe – Emergency Lighting mode
Wide-eye lens
Oversized Pushbutton Switch for
Gloved Hands
Waterproof to one meter
Super tough nylon construction
Spring loaded polymer clip
Withstands a 3m Drop
Battery charge indicator
Low battery indicator
Screw inserts for accessories &
additional mounting options
Allows user to switch power supply
from Rechargeable Li-ion pack to (4)
AA alkaline (purchased separately)

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The New Responder Pro Right-Angle LED Alkaline offers optimal brightness, protection, and power. Offered with interchangeable power sources in both rechargeable LI battery and AA Alkaline. 

OPTIC TECHNOLOGY: Bright Star utilizes the latest optic technology to maximize light output with 275 Lumens. The RA’s optic distributes light into a custom beam pattern that pierces smoke and dust with 52,500 CD. Additionally, the optics enable the RA body to maintain a slim profile and keep the light focused on the proper direction at all times. This slim profile also keeps the light tight against the body preventing entanglement. Built Quality Tough here in the USA the Responder Pro can withstand a 4 m drop. 

2 reviews for Responder Pro Right Angle LED Alkaline

  1. Jean Huatay (verified owner)

    Light and a powerful light to work on a search and rescue task

  2. Saginaw Township Fire Department (store manager)

    Absolutely love your lights, especially the responder right angle light! We usually buy 3 or 4 every year at FDIC for guys back at the department that want one. We switched our entire station over to your lights a few years back after first seeing your lights at FDIC!

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520304 Responder Pro Right Angle Datasheet

KBS Responder RESPONDER PRO Instructions COMPLETE v1_ (005)

  • Power Source: 4 AA Batteries 
  • Light Source: Advanced LED Technology
  • Light Output: 275lm (high) / 165lm (low)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 52,500cd / 31,500cd
  • Beam Distance: 458m (high) / 354m (low)
  • Run Time: 8 Hours (high) / 14 Hours (low)
  • Weight: 13oz. With 4 AA Batteries
  • Length: 7.2in. Width: 3.2in. Depth: 1.8in.
  • Color: High-Vis Green

    Responder PRO Right Angle Flashlight
    • Alkaline Battery Tray 
  • To upgrade from Alkaline to Rechargeable Model,
    you’ll need to add an optional charger, rechargeable
    battery, and a plug.
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • UL Protection Methods
  • UL 913 CSA C22.2 No 157
  • Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups C- G
  • Class I, II, III, Division 2, Groups C- G
  • Operating temp code T3
  • NFPA 70 504.2 (2008)
  • NFPA 1901- (2009)
  • Certified Mounted in any Position


10B-2298 — Charger Base Only
3B-2291 — Rechargeable Battery
3B-2295 — Alkaline Battery Tray
20638 — 12/24V DC Plug
20628 — 120V North American Plug
20629— 208/240V Euro Plug
20627 — 208/240V United Kingdom Plug
3B-2033 — Direct Wire