UPC #: 016731221218 PART #: 71000a/71000b/71000g/71000r/71000w/71010a/71010b/71010g/71010r/71010w/71020a/71020b/71020g/71020r/71020w/71030a/71030b/71030g/71030r/71030w

New flasher with exceptionally
long runtimes & brightness!

This palm-sized, lightweight, personal safety beacon can be programmed to a steady flash mode, random flashing mode or steady mode and seen from over 1000 feet away.

“Made in USA with globally sourced components”.


  • 5 COLORS: Red, Blue, Amber, White and Green
  • Green color runs 36 hrs. on steady, 144 hrs. on flash.
  • Blue color runs 48 hrs. on steady, 192 hrs. on flash.
  • Red, Amber, White colors run 65 hrs. on steady, 200 Hours on flash.
  • Powered by 2AAA alkaline batteries, included
  • Light visible from 1000+ feet





It can signal the location of a worker in a low light situation when attached to the back of their hard hat or harness and can be used to identify teams by assigning them each a different color.

The Freakin’ Beacon™ comes in multiple colors and it runs up to 25 work days! The green color runs 36 hours on steady and 144 hrs. on flash. The blue color runs 48 hours on steady and 192 hours on flash. The red, white and amber colors run 65 hours on steady and 200 hours on flash. Powered by just 2 AAA alkaline batteries, the Freakin’ Beacon is a Class I, Division 1 light with an IP67 rating. That means it is dust proof, waterproof and will be able to survive underwater at one meter’s depth for 30 minutes.

The large push-button switch is designed for easy operation with a gloved hand. The Freakin’ Beacon attaches directly to helmet or hard hat. You can choose from several back attachments, including a metal clasp, plastic or spring clip or a magnet mount . A 3M dual lock is included standard with all attachments.


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710XXX Freakin’ Beacon

  • Drop rated to 2 meters
  • MSHA Permissible
  • PA DEP
  • WEIGHT: 3.4 oz with batteries
  • LENGTH: 2.7″ WIDTH: 2.6″ HEIGHT: 1.5″
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Class 1, Div 1
  • Optional helmet band for metal, plastic and spring clips
  • You can choose from several back attachments, including a metal clasp, plastic or spring clip or a magnet mount . A 3M dual lock is included standard with all attachments.
      • 71000A- Amber – Metal Spring Clip – Amber Metal Spring Clip
        71000B- Blue – Metal Spring Clip- Blue Metal Spring Clip
        71000G- Green- Metal Spring Clip- Green Metal Spring Clip
        71000R- Red- Metal Spring Clip- Red Metal Spring Clip
        7100W- White- Metal Spring Clip- White Metal Spring Clip
        71010A- Amber- Plastic Spring Clip- Amber Plastic Spring Clip
        71010B- Blue- Plastic Spring Clip- Blue Plastic Spring Clip
        71010G- Green- Plastic Spring Clip- Green Plastic Spring Clip
        71010R- Red- Plastic Spring Clip- Red Plastic Spring Clip
        71010W- White- Plastic Spring Clip- White Plastic Spring Clip
        71020A- Amber-Plastic Clip- Amber Plastic Clip
      • 71020B- Blue -Plastic Clip- Blue Plastic Clip
      • 71020G- Green- Plastic Clip- Green Plastic Clip
      • 71020R- Red- Plastic Clip- Red Plastic Clip
      • 71020W- White- Plastic Clip- White Plastic Clip
      • 71030A- Amber- Magnet- Amber Magnet
      • 71030B- Blue- Magnet- Blue Magnet
      • 71030G- Green -Magnet- Green Magnet
      • 71030R- Red- Magnet- Red Magnet
      • 71030W- White- Magnet- White Magnet
      • 9K- 2228- Helmet Band- For use with Metal, Plastic and Spring Clip